Friday, April 29, 2005

How to HTML till the cows come home


It is very simple. Any thing you want to do like make links or something big or small or italic, etc.

All HTML tags begin with sets of "<" and ">" and ends with sets of "<" and "/" and ">".

If I write this here the code disappears so all the examples will replace the "<" notations with a "@" and the ">" notation with a "#"

To make an URL link: @a href="http://your url"#Title or quote here@/a#

To make something bold: @b# Bold words here @/b#

To make something italic: @i@# Italic word here @/i#

To make something small: @small# Small word here @/small#

To make something big: @big# Big word here @/big#

To make a block quote: @ blockquote# Quote here @/blockquote#

To cite something: @cite# Citation here @/cite#

To strike through words: @s# Stricken word here @/s# (or use "strike" rather than "s")

To underline words: @u# Underlined word here @/u#

Have fun experimenting with this! Live and learn!

Html reference library


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